Writing Center Employment

If you would like to work in the COWS... 

here's the Application

Uncle Cow

When finished with the application, please email it to Professor Lydia McDermott at mcdermlm@whitman.edu

If you are interested in learning more about peer tutoring, register for Professor McDermott's class, COMP 310: The Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing.

More about COMP 310: This course is designed to prepare you to be an effective and confident writing center tutor. It will introduce you to major theories on peer-tutoring, debates concerning the teaching of writing, and practical techniques for dealing with difficult situations in the process of tutoring. You will leave the course having conducted genre-specific research, having developed your own tutoring philosophy, and with a portfolio of strategies for tutoring from yourself and your peers. One of our goals is to create a community of knowledgeable and supportive writing center tutors who can then work as a team within the writing center. Though the course was designed with the COWS in mind, it would also serve potential SAs and Writing Fellows very well.