What ARC Peer Tutors do

ARC Peer Tutors are available for students in specific courses to meet with students as needed during the tutor's available time.  Meetings are hour-long individual tutoring sessions to work on specific learning goals once a week, as the tutors' time allows . ARC tutoring is provided in addition to any departmental drop-in tutors, department fellows, or lab TAs.  ARC Peer tutors assist with outside-the-class learning. They encourage and guide students to understand how to approach problem solving and improve course-specific study habits. They help students become independent and more confident learners.  As always, ARC Peer Tutoring is free.

Subjects tutored

Generally, subjects tutored are 100-200 level courses in science, math, computer science, economics, music theory and statistics. Tutoring for writing and speaking is provided by the Center for Writing and Speaking (COWS). Contact Laura Cummings if you have any questions via email at  cummingl@​whitman.​edu .

How to connect with an ARC Peer Tutor

Tutor scheduling will return in the fall semester. Contact Laura Cummings if you have any questions via email at  cummingl@​whitman.​edu.