Peer Tutoring

One of the greatest benefits of a rigorous and cooperative learning environment like Whitman’s is the opportunity for students to learn from each other. If you are finding a particular subject challenging, explore the many resources available to you:

  • Visit your professor
  • Talk with your classmates
  • Attend study groups
  • Make use of Departmental Tutoring sessions

If you have tried these resources and feel that you would benefit from a more individualized and consistent tutoring experience, one-on-one peer tutoring is available through the ARC at no cost. Please come speak with Antonia Keithahn in Memorial 325 or fill out this Google Form to get on the sign-up list.

Please be aware that, due to high demand, we are needing to prioritize students with the greatest needs, so we will be asking professors to speak to students' degree of need. This will ensure that those students who need targeted help are able to receive it, while those that may just need someone to check in with occasionally can make use of other on-campus resources. If you are not comfortable with your information being shared with your professor, please speak with Antonia Keithahn in Memorial 325, or send an email to her.