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Division II, Humanities and Arts

Humanities and Arts study aspects of human society, culture, and artistic expression. The humanities include ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, history, human geography, law, politics, religion, and art.

The humanities help us understand societies through their languages, histories, arts and cultures. Humanities and Arts students build skills in critical reading, thinking and writing.

Portrait of Rachel GlaserRachel Glaser ’22 (she/they)


Despite growing up in and around the Pacific Northwest art scene, I never expected to end up in Art History, I actually thought I would end up a BBMB major. Much to my surprise, my first AHVCS class, Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture Studies, sold me. I am very pleased to have ended up in the department and I plan to continue my AHVCS studies after Whitman.

Favorite class or classes in major: Modernism in Art and Architecture

Favorite class out of major: Resistance Literature, Theory & Politics

Contact: glaserrm@whitman.edu

Portrait of Hannah MarkerHannah Marker ’22 (she/her/hers or they/them/theirs)

Art Major (Also a Film & Media Studies Major)

Besides my involvement in my two majors, I'm also heavily involved in arts across campus. I've worked in Harper Joy Theater for fours years in various jobs, I was an editor for Whitman's quarterlife zine, and I've had internships and jobs (funded through various Whitman grants) that have allowed me to assist multiple Whitman art professors in their personal research and production.

Favorite class or classes in major: ARTS 114 - Maker Spaces & Culture

Favorite class out of major: REL 388 - The Ethics of Apologies

Contact: markerhr@whitman.edu

Portrait of Tucker GrinnanTucker Grinnan ’22 (he/him/his)

Chinese and History

I'm a History and Chinese double major. I was born in the US, but raised in Hong Kong. Outside of academics I enjoy running, exploring and eating food.

Favorite class or classes in major: CHIN-306

Favorite class out of major: HIST-322: Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Contact: grinnast@whitman.edu

Portrait of Reeve BoyerReeve Boyer ’22 (he/him)


I am a senior from Redmond, Washington, a trip leader in the Outdoor Program and Vice President of Whitman Debate. My love of the ancient world dragged my into a classics major.

Favorite class or classes in major: Advanced Classical Greek, the Homer seminar

Favorite class out of major: AMES-105, Beginning Arabic

Contact: boyerrp@whitman.edu

Chloe Michaels sitting at a table outdoorsChloe Michaels ’22 (she/her/hers)

English and French

My name is Chloe Michaels and I am a senior English and French major from the Seattle area. I run cross country at Whitman, and I also participate in the Mentor Program and French for Kids. In my free time I love to read, spend time outside, and play the harp.

Favorite class or classes in major: English: Figures of Newness, French: Afro-Caribbean Literature

Favorite class out of major: Art History: Race and Visual Culture

Contact info: michaecc@whitman.edu

Annie MeansAnnie Means ’22 (she/her/hers)

Environmental Humanities

My name is Annie, and I was born and raised in Seattle where I grew up participating in a urban conservation efforts. My father was a forestry major and my mother an English major, so when I arrived at Whitman, the Environmental Humanities discipline seemed like a perfect combination of all the books I grew up reading from my parent's shelves. Outside of my love for sustainability and the environment, I'm passionate about film, photography, travel, boating, and the Spanish language.

Favorite class or classes in major: Writing Environmental Disaster

Favorite class out of major: Architectural History of Walla Walla

Contact: meansal@whitman.edu

Maddie Ott outdoors in the sunshineMaddie Ott ’22 (she/her)

Film and Sociology

Hello!! I am a senior here at Whitman and currently preparing to launch myself into the world of film post-graduation. Besides being intent on finding a potential job there are a bunch of other (non-capitalistic) things that I love to do. I enjoy to read and go thrifting with my friends. I love to dance and I will occasionally go on a run or two. Here on campus I am part of the improv team and climbing club. Hopefully in a few years all of us film majors here at Whitman can all work on a production together!

Favorite class or classes in major: Intro to Filmmaking

Favorite class out of major: Exo-planets and Alien Life


Zac Bentz outdoors with a power line behind himZac Bentz ’23 (he/him)

Film and Media Studies

I am from Eugene, OR! I love watching movies, writing about movies, talking about movies, writing music, playing music, and listening to music, and thinking about all the ways those two mediums, among others, shape how we understand our world.

Favorite class or classes in major: Intro to Filmmaking

Favorite class out of major: Rhetoric of Gender and Sexuality


Portrait of Audrey MaceAudrey Mace ’22 (she/her)

Art, Film and Media Studies

I am a senior Film and Media Studies and Art double major with a music minor. I like filming and editing videos, painting, reading, playing the piano, cooking, and biking.

Favorite class or classes in major: New Media Genres

Favorite class out of major: Art in the Environment


Portrait of Zoe MorrisZoe Morris ’23 (she/her/hers)

Gender Studies

I am from Los Angeles. I enjoy kickboxing, cooking/baking, and true crime! I am hoping to eventually go to law school and have taken many classes in the politics department, specially classes that discuss gender within law. I am the co-president of Planned Parenthood Generation Action and have been involved since freshman year!

Favorite class or classes in major: Men and Masculinities

Favorite class out of major: Introduction to Television Studies

Contact: morriszr@whitman.edu

Julien Comardelle and his dogJulien Comardelle ’22 (he/him)

German Studies

I have always been a curious person and my academics reflect that. I'm a Politics and German Studies double-major, but my interests and work extends far outside of both subjects. I never expected to study German and German Studies but I cannot imagine my Whitman time without the experiences and faculty of the department. Whatever you're curious about, German Studies has a rich world of work to dive into and I want to make sure you take the dive!

Favorite class or classes in major: GER-105: Elementary German

Favorite class out of major: Genealogies of Political Economy

Contact: comardje@whitman.edu

Portrait of Clara EpelmanClara Epelman ’22 (she/they)

Hispanic Studies

I am a Senior Hispanic Studies/ Psychology major on the Pre-Med track from the Bay Area! At Whitman, I have been privileged to be engaged with the Student Engagement Center as a program coordinator, in admissions as a tour guide, and at Harper Joy theatre as a stage manager. In my free time you can find me drinking copious amounts of oat milk lattes and doting over campus ducks. Most importantly, I would do ANYTHING for the Hispanics Studies department! They are wonderful!!

Favorite class or classes in major: Tropics of Disaster

Favorite class out of major: Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Contact: epelmac@whitman.edu

Ed Engel giving a thumbs-upEd Engel ’22 (he/him)


I'm a senior Japanese and Econ major. Also, RA of Tekisuijuku! I'm interested in U.S.-Japan relations, specifically trade policy. Big fan of Haruki Murakami and Charli XCX.

Favorite class or classes in major: Solitude and Literary Imagination

Favorite class out of major: Monetary Theory and Policy

Contact: engelek@whitman.edu

Leisha Casimiro ’22 (she/her)

Voice Performance/Music

Hello! I'm a Filipino student from a small town in Nebraska. I enjoy performing, collaborating with others through music, watching Youtube videos about anything and everything, and learning a bit about the techniques of coffee making in my spare time.

Favorite class or classes in major: Any music history class!

Favorite class out of major: PSYC 248 - Health & Wellness

Contact: casimipm@whitman.edu

Portrait of Noah DunnNoah Dunn ’22 (he/him/his)

Environmental Humanities & German Studies

I am neither a music major or minor, but very passionate and involved in vocal and instrumental music for many years.

Favorite class or classes in major: (Re)Thinking Environment

Favorite class out of major: Chamber Singers

Contact: dunnnp@whitman.edu


Portrait of Emma StaplesEmma Staples ’22 (she/her)

Race and Ethnic Studies

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I use she/her pronouns. Besides being a senior Race and Ethnic Studies major, I'm the current president of Kappa Alpha Theta and spend much of my time working to better Greek Life! I'm also an FG/WC student and you can usually find me working at the gym or hanging out in Reid Cafe!

Favorite class or classes in major: RAES-225 Race, Class, Violence

Favorite class out of major: ANTH-300: Anthropology of Cancer

Contact: stapleem@whitman.edu

Dana Walden outdoorsDana Walden ’22 (she/her/hers)

Rhetoric, Writing, and Public Discourse

I am is a Rhetoric, Writing, and Public Discourse major from Chattanooga, Tennessee. As former Opinion Editor of the Wire and current COWS tutor, I love all things writing. In my studies, I focus on revolutionary rhetorics and Southern identity construction. Outside of school, I love to sew, cook, and sing silly showtunes.

Favorite class or classes in major: RWPD 365: Rhetoric and Violence

Favorite class out of major: Philosophy 210: Epistemology

Contact: waldend@whitman.edu

Hailey Woodworth

Rhetoric, Writing and Public Discourse

Contact: woodwoha@whitman.edu

Portrait of Alyx KrugerAlyx Kruger ’22 (she/her/hers)

Theatre and Dance

I'm a Senior Theatre and Religious Studies double major. My area of specialization in theater and dance is Stage and Production Management. I love working with artists to make their visions become tangible onstage! Outside of Whitman I am also an alumna of the Oregon Shakespeare Summer Seminar Program (two years) and the Village Theatre's Summer Independent Program (two years).

Favorite class or classes in major: Modern European Theatre

Favorite class out of major: Religion and the Senses

Contact: krugerab@whitman.edu

Portrait of Jaime FieldsJaime Fields ’23 (she/her)

Japanese/English Major, Theatre Minor

Hi! My name is Jaime and I'm the theatre student liaison. While I am only a theatre minor, I also work in the costume shop, serve as VP of the drama club, and am heavily involved in shows! This year, I'm stage managing Blood at the Root in the spring, as well as assistant stage managing The Penelopiad in the fall. When I'm not in the Harper Joy Theatre, you can find me editing for the Wire's Campus Life section, reading a book in the library, or learning to cook something new.

Favorite class or classes in major: I've really loved all of the theatre classes I've taken! One of my favorites is the Stage Management class--it's only taught every two years, but it's very fun and hands-on! I also really enjoyed Beginning Acting, as well as Medieval/Renaissance Theatre.

Favorite class out of major: I really enjoyed Beginning Ballet!

Contact: fieldsje@whitman.edu

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