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Looking for help with writing?

At Whitman, we offer a variety of written and oral communication services for both students and faculty.

Follow these links for a more detailed description of the services within these programs.

The Written and Oral Communication Initiative (WOCI)

The Written and Oral Communication Initiative administers four programs to advance students’ communicative skills.  Working in collaboration with the Center for Writing and Speaking (COWS), the WOCI serves academic programs across the curriculum.

  • Writing Fellows Program
  • English as a Second Language Fellows Program
  • First-Year Winter Writing Workshop
  • Whitman Undergraduate Conference Presentation Coaching Program

The Center for Writing and Speaking (COWS)

The Center for Writing and Speaking (located in Olin East E132)  is a hub of student, faculty, and staff writing activity. We seek to provide a safe space in which to write and client-centered assistance in this task. Working alongside WOCI, we offer support to students writing and in all areas of the curriculum. In the next academic year, we will be expanding our support system to include assistance with oral presentations.

We offer:

  • One-on-one tutoring appointments by appointment
  • Drop-in consultations
  • Workshops on common writing problems
  • Thesis-writing boot camps four times a year
  • Class visits
  • Open writing hours for students
  • Open writing hours for faculty and staff

Composition Curriculum

The Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Penrose Learning Commons