Learning how to effectively plan your time at Whitman is both challenging and rewarding. We here at the Academic Resource Center are here to help! We have planning documents intended to help you plan your course of study while at Whitman, such as our Four-Year Planner or Semester Planner, as well as documents designed for Time/Schedule Management, such as the weekly Master Schedule and the Assignment Tracker. We would be happy to show you how they might help you – just give us a call at (509) 527-5213 or stop by Memorial 325.

Course of Study

  • Registration Planner: Map out your semester schedule prior to registration, with space for multiple options. This is especially useful if your registration time is later in the day and you find yourself needing a back-up class. 
  • Four-Year Planner with Graduation Requirements Checklist
  • Distribution Requirements: List of classes that satisfy Whitman's distribution requirements. Class offerings are subject to change so it is best to check with the course instructor or the registrar for confirmation. Your Academic Evaluation, visible in your my.whitman.edu profile, is also a useful resource for tracking progress and planning ahead.
  • Am I Ready to Declare My Major?: A flowchart with clickable content designed to help students decide on, and navigate the process of declaring, a major. (Mouse or touchpad required for full functionality.)
  • Possible Major Planner: Intended for students that may have narrowed down their number of potential majors to two or three, this planner helps you envision your academic future and decide which major is the most appealing and attainable.
  • Semester Planner 2017-2018

Campus Resources

  • Student Engagement Center: The Student Engagement Center prepares Whitman students and alumni to connect with the communities and experiences that help them cultivate their futures.
  • Language Learning Center: The Language Learning Center provides support to anyone in the Whitman community who either speaks a foreign language or is seeking to acquire or improve skills in a foreign language.
  • Penrose Library: Penrose Library serves as a bridge between the Whitman College community—students, faculty, administration, and staff—and the information resources that promote teaching, research and learning.
  • Registrar's Office: The Registrar's Office is responsible for past and present student academic records.
  • Off-Campus Studies Office: The Off-Campus Studies Office provides students with worldwide study opportunities that offer high-quality academic content, instruction and evaluation.
  • Writing Center: The staff of the Center fOr Writing and Speaking is committed to helping students to meet their writing and speaking goals.