Numerous departments offer open tutoring sessions for any students who need help. Check out the table below to find a session! Please note: this listed times and locations are for the Fall 2017 semester. We will update with the Spring 2018 semester information once it is available. 



Olin Hall 205

Tutoring hours are always 8pm - 10pm

Sunday: Sarah Vesneske (math)

Monday: Lori Sheng (stats/math)

Tuesday: Henrique Ennes (math)

Wednesday: Sarah Vesneske (math)

Thursday: Carl Felstiner (math)


Hall of Science (2nd floor) Back Hallway Table                                                   

Tutoring horus are always 8pm-10pm

Sunday: Drew Conkin and Erina Horikawa

Monday: Drew Conkin and Ethan Raffman* 

Tuesday: Mark Blakeley* and Erina Horikawa

Wednesday: Johnathan Reed and Ethan Raffman*

Thursday: Mark Blakeley* and Liza Briody-Palvik*

*These tutors can also help with Quant in addition to general and organic chemistry 


Maxey 104 (ECON 101)

Maxey 119 (ECON 102)

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday

8 - 9pm (Su, W); 7 - 8pm (T)

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

7 - 9pm 


Science Building Atrium, second floor

Tutoring hours are always 7pm-9pm

Sunday: Laura Bedoyan and Bash Haidar

Monday: Carl Felstiner and Otto Schwarm

Wednesday: Alexander Shaw and Jillian Brandon

Thursday: Henrique Ennes and Jacob Astfalk


Olin 191 Check out the COWS website here


Science Building Astro Lab, 369 Thursday: 7:30-9:00pm