Whitman offers opportunities for students seeking additional help to learn from peers who enjoy sharing their academic passions. There are two main types of tutoring offered by Whitman: departmental tutoring and individualized tutoring. 

Departmental tutoring is not housed within the Academic Resource Center, but, rather, is sponsored by individual departments. These sessions are open to all Whitman students, so the size of the groups may vary. Ask your professor, look for posted information, or ask a friend or mentor to help you discover what group tutoring sessions are available for you! You can also view the Tutoring Schedule.

Individualized tutoring allows students to receive specialized assistance through regularly scheduled one-on-one tutoring sessions. The Academic Resource Center has highly qualified, trained tutors who can assist in a variety of subjects. Tutors and tutees meet regularly throughout the course of the semester to work on course material and prepare for exams. Explore our website, call us at (509) 527-5213, or stop by the Academic Resource Center in Memorial 325 to learn more about how to Get a Tutor or Be a Tutor