Dear prospective student of French, German and/or Spanish,

If you have not previously studied French, German, or Spanish, you should enroll in the beginning course of the language of your choice (French 100, German 105, or Spanish 105).

If you have previously studied French, German, or Spanish and you wish to continue study in any one or more of those languages, you will need to take an online placement test to help you determine which course to enroll in. If you are a native speaker of the language you wish to study, you must also take the placement test.

To take an online test:

  1. Click "start placement test" below to be directed to the WebCAPE placement exam page.
  2. You will be prompted to enter a password, type whittie, then click "login".
  3. Select French, German, or Spanish and click "Begin".
  4. That selection will take you to the beginning page for the language you selected where you must:
    1. Enter your name, 7-digit Whitman ID number (WID from your information in the first orientation packet), and your Whitman email address. (NOTE: If you have not activated your Whitman email account yet, activate it here.)
    2. Complete the "University Information" section.
    3. Complete the "Language Experience" section. This helps fine-tune your placement.
    4. If you have other language experience, complete the "Other Language Experience" section.
    5. If you need to go back, please click "Back." To begin the exam click "Continue".
  5. After completing the French, German, or Spanish placement test you will be told (online) the number of the course in which you should enroll. You will not be able to enroll in that course until a member of the faculty of the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures has viewed and authorized your placement with the Registrar's Office.
  6. You are welcome to take the placement tests for any or all three of the languages. Just begin again on the placement homepage and follow the same procedure.
  7. For your own records, please write down the placement score and language course in which you placed.

If you have questions regarding your placement in any of the languages, please direct your questions to a professor in that department.

Start Placement Test