Intercultural Center

Fostering diversity, inclusion, and respect for all in the Whitman community is one of the foremost goals of the Intercultural Center. The center works to strengthen Whitman’s intercultural community and ensure a positive Whitman experience for those from historically under-represented backgrounds. The center also seeks to enrich the experience of the entire student body and community by providing opportunities to engage and educate the campus as a whole on issues related to diversity. Working together with a variety of campus constituencies, the Intercultural Center facilitates and encourages ongoing dialogue on issues of diversity between students, staff, and faculty.

The Intercultural Center team provides academic and social support for multicultural and international students. The international and multicultural student orientation, mentoring, individual counseling and advising sessions are a few of the opportunities available to assist students with their transition to Whitman College and Walla Walla.

Throughout the year, the center helps bring diverse perspectives and experiences to campus by sponsoring workshops, speakers, programs, and cultural events that are free and open to the whole community. The student-led diversity organizations are among the most active clubs on campus. They provide leadership opportunities for students and promote diversity and multiculturalism by sponsoring speakers, discussion panels, musical events, dances, festivals, and dinners. In addition to the multi-ethnic interest house (MECCA), there are 15 active diversity groups: American Indian Association; Asian Cultural Association; Beyond Borders Club (BBC); Black Student Union (BSU); Club Latino; Coalition Against Homophobia (CAH); Feminists Advocating Change and Empowerment (FACE); First Generation Working Class (FGWC); Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (GLBTQ); Hillel-Shalom; Hui Aloha; Muslim Student Association; South Asian Student Association (SASA); Vietnamese Cultural Club (VCC); and Wakilisha Afrika.

Glover Alston Center

The Glover Alston Center is a resource to facilitate Whitman’s commitment to sustaining a diverse community. By providing a safe space for meaningful conversation and interaction, the Glover Alston Center fosters collaboration with academic departments, input from divergent perspectives, intercultural and international awareness, and respect for all in the Whitman community. The Glover Alston Center achieves this by serving as:

  • A unique place for programs to develop education, understanding, and community involvement.
  • A safe place where conversations about diversity, difference, multiculturalism and social justice occur.
  • A social and academic space where collaboration between Whitman community members can occur.
  • A meeting place and home for campus organizations and clubs.

With this facility, the Whitman community hopes to foster meaningful exchanges between individuals and groups for the greater understanding and mutual respect of one another by encouraging engagement, leadership development, and learning.

All members of the Whitman community are invited and encouraged to use this nonresidential space.