The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides resources and support for all students. Home to premajor advising, tutoring, and the Student Academic Adviser programs, the staff in the ARC assist students who need academic advice, who want to improve their study or time management skills, or who need assistance arranging learning accommodations. The director offers individual academic counseling sessions by appointment.

The ARC student staff is comprised of the Student Academic Advisers (SAs) and the peer tutors. The SAs live and work in the first-year residence hall sections to guide and assist new students on academic and curricular matters. Through academic programming, including such topics as time management, analytical reading, exam preparation, stress management, learning preference recognition, etc., SAs strive to provide content that contributes to improving students’ overall academic effectiveness. The ARC staff also coordinates assistance for students with disabilities and for those who demonstrate a need for tutors, note-takers, or assistive technology. Students can find additional information on the Whitman College website at