Students who earned credits from Running Start (either Washington’s Running Start or a similar program from another state) will choose one of the following two options: (1) transfer all Running Start credits so as to be enrolled at Whitman at the class level and with the financial aid availability consistent with the number of credits (Running Start and any post-secondary) transferred to the college. Those transferring fewer than 58 credits to Whitman must complete General Studies 145 and 146 in their initial year of enrollment. (2) Transfer no more than 14 Running Start semester credits and be considered first-year students for purposes of financial aid availability if they complete General Studies 145 and 146 (i.e. “Encounters”) during their initial year of enrollment at Whitman (See Financial Aid Website).

Students must declare to the Registrar whether they plan to choose between option 1 or 2 during their initial registration at Whitman. However, to give students a chance to reconsider their decision in light of their Whitman experience, the choice will not become official until the end of the student’s second semester of coursework. Should a student choose option 2 at this point, he or she will be required to complete General Studies 145 and 146 (i.e. “Encounters”) within his or her next two semesters of enrollment at Whitman.