The Whitman College Alumni Association is the organized body of the alumni of the college, and all graduates of the college are members of the association. Upon request, all persons who have attended the college one term or more and whose entering class has graduated may be placed on record as members of the association. The college has more than 16,000 living alumni.

The association’s activities are directed by a 14-member Board of Directors, elected regularly from among the alumni. Activities are coordinated through the college’s Alumni Office, whose staff director is secretary of the Alumni Association.
The association is active in the promotion of the customary alumni programs of reunions, area club events, continuing education, and travel programs. In addition, a large number of members are involved in programs that support the efforts of the Admission Office, the Annual Fund, and the Student Engagement Center. Approximately 40 percent of alumni support the college financially. For a list of members, see the Whitman College Alumni Board website at

Ex Officio Members

President of the College
President of the Associated Students of Whitman College
Chair, Annual Fund
Director of Alumni Relations
Immediate Past President of the Alumni Board