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100 Information Literacy
1, 1 Fall: Carter, Keene; Spring: Murphy

The purpose of this course is to introduce the resources and services of Penrose Library while helping students feel comfortable and confident in the library. We will focus on developing information literacy skills. These concepts are transferable to any class where you do research at Whitman, and they are integral to lifelong learning. They include: defining the type of resource you need for your research, accessing those resources, evaluating sources critically, formally recognizing the work of others by using appropriate citation style, and understanding intellectual property. Graded credit/no credit. Open to first-and second-year students, others by consent of instructor.

300 Primary Sources Seminar
x, 1 Salrin

Primary Sources Seminar will prepare you to undertake significant primary source research by providing you with a cross-disciplinary understanding of the creation and use of primary source materials. We’ll focus on developing artifactual literacy and archival intelligence through hands-on activities; possible outcomes include student-authored finding aids and digital exhibits. This class will be taught in the Whitman College and Northwest Archives. Graded credit/no credit. Prerequisites: None, but Library 100 strongly encouraged.