Contact: Lydia McDermott, Director of the Center for Writing and Speaking

Courses in composition are designed to enable students across majors and disciplines to advance their writing skills. As such, composition courses serve all divisions.  Instructors vary.

Distribution: Courses completed in composition apply to the humanities distribution area.

107 Syntax and Grammar
x, 4 Burgess

This course begins with a grounding in descriptive English syntax and grammar. A brief consideration of historical linguistics will allow students to analyze English syntax within the context of related Indo-European languages. The final section of the course applies close stylistic analysis to texts and utterances from a variety of discourse communities.

170 Language and Writing
4, 4; Fall: DiPasquale, McDermott; Spring: Schlegel

A course designed to examine the nature and function of language and rhetoric and to provide extensive writing experience for students.

210 Intermediate Composition
4, 4; Fall: Stoberock; Spring: Terry

An intermediate writing course for students interested in composition processes and in written rhetoric across genres. Students will be given extensive practice in developing academic prose style. Not open to first-year students.

310 Theory & Practice of Tutoring Writing
x, 2 McDermott

This course is designed to prepare you to be an effective and confident writing tutor. It will introduce you to major theories on peer-tutoring, debates concerning the teaching of writing, and practical techniques for dealing with difficult situations in the process of tutoring. You will leave the course having conducted genre-specific research, having developed your own tutoring philosophy, and with a portfolio of strategies for tutoring from yourself and your peers. One of our goals is to create a community of knowledgeable and supportive writing center tutors who can then work as a team within the writing center. Not open to first semester students.

320 Advanced Composition
4; not offered 2015-16

An advanced course in writing studies for students interested both in advancing understanding of their own writing processes and styles as well as in learning broader theories of composition and rhetoric across the curriculum. Not open to first-year Students.