Refunds will be awarded only in the case of approved withdrawals (described in the Academics, Withdrawals section of the catalog) from the college. The refund schedule below applies to tuition and fee charges, applied music, and other fee courses. A student who moves from a residence hall after the semester begins, or fails to move into a room reserved for second semester, will be refunded room charges for the smaller of 40 percent or that determined by the refund schedule below. Board charges will be prorated on a weekly basis as of the date of withdrawal, except for a minimum charge of $100 per semester.

The percentage of charges refunded is based on the passage of total days of instruction commencing with the official first day of classes for the semester on through to the date of official withdrawal.

The first day of instruction 100% Day 17 through day 21 40%
Day two through day 11 80% Day 22 through day 26 20%
Day 12 through day 16 60% After day 26 No refund