While social trends and economic pressures may bring emphasis on "job training" in many types of institutions, Whitman remains confident that its role as a liberal arts college meets many crucial needs of society. For students who can identify their own interests and abilities, inform themselves about opportunities, and do some careful planning, an educational foundation in the liberal arts has proved to be the best of resources.

A large percentage of Whitman graduates continue their education in graduate or professional schools. For those who seek careers immediately after graduation, positions have been found in such fields as journalism, sales, teaching, library work, publishing, radio and television, research, advertising, personnel, public relations, insurance, banking, transportation, production and manufacturing, retailing, and government.

Advisers in the academic departments and in the Student Engagement Center talk regularly with students about advanced study and about immediate and long-range occupational opportunities. In addition, the college has selected special preprofessional advisers, in the areas listed below, to help in those areas of interest which warrant particular attention because of their general appeal.

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  • Business Management

    The best opportunities for career advancement in modern business come to those who have acquired a knowledge of the underlying principles of economics, finance, statistics, and communication with society...

  • Education

    Whitman does not have an education minor or major. A broad program in liberal arts and sciences helps prepare students for graduate or professional work in education.

  • Foreign Service

    Many departments and agencies of the U.S. government offer a variety of overseas employment, both in career positions and in staff support work.

  • Health Professions

    Careers in the health professions demand more than just achievement in the life sciences. Maturity, compassion, leadership, ethical practice, integrity, communication skills, and knowledge of health care policy are essential for the health-care professional.

  • Law

    Whitman does not have and does not recommend a formal prelaw major as preparation for law school, believing that no specific series of courses can be considered correct for every student who intends to enter the legal profession. Major law schools and the Association of American Law Schools agree that a broad liberal arts program is the best general preparation.

  • Library and Information Science

    A Master of Library and Information Science degree from a graduate program accredited by the American Library Association is a prerequisite for a professional career in librarianship, and a broad liberal arts education is excellent preparation for the master’s program.

  • Ministry

    The American Association of Theological Schools recommends a broad liberal arts education as the most desirable undergraduate preparation for the ministry.

  • Music

    The department of music at Whitman College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with possible special emphases in performance, theory/composition, history, or jazz.

  • Public Service

    Careers in public service have increased as a result of recent developments. To an ever greater degree, even county and city governments have realized they need professionally trained people to serve as researchers and planners as well as administrators.

  • Social Work and Human Services

    Whitman College provides the basic social science training required for careers in social work and human services. There is a continuing demand for trained social and human services workers in such fields as child and family welfare work, neighborhood recreational and health service, and rehabilitation of youth offenders.

  • Sport Studies, Recreation and Athletics

    Whitman’s program of activity and lecture classes, intramurals, and club and intercollegiate athletics is broad-based and flexible. The program is designed to meet the physical and recreational needs of the college community and to enhance the quality of life and learning of all who participate.

  • Theatre

    For the student planning a career in professional theatre, the opportunities at Whitman are threefold...