A regularly enrolled student in good standing who wishes to be granted a leave of absence from the college for one or two consecutive semesters must file a written request with the Board of Review. In preparing the request the student is expected to consult with his or her academic adviser and, when appropriate, the Dean of Students. Reasons for a leave of absence may include study at another educational institution, medical or financial reasons, or other need to interrupt formal academic work for a period of time.

A leave of absence for the purpose of study with another institution (academic leave), either as a full-time or part-time student, is subject to certain additional procedures and restrictions. An application for an academic leave to complete work in a domestic program of another school must include a program of study approved by the student’s adviser and the Registrar.

An academic leave of up to two semesters may be granted to students whose total academic program has been at Whitman. Transfer students admitted as sophomores or who have completed a full year at another school may be granted no more than one semester of academic leave. Transfer students who have been admitted as juniors are not eligible for academic leaves. Exceptions to this policy must be assessed by the Board of Review.

An application for a leave of absence for health reasons requires the recommendation of the Dean of Students, and a leave for financial reasons requires the recommendation of the Dean of Admission and Financial Aid. A student on leave may not reside on campus, attend classes, or participate in the regular activities of the college.

A student on leave of absence may re-enter the college in the semester immediately following the expiration of the leave provided that the student notifies the Registrar’s Office of his or her intention to return prior to the start of the next semester. Preregistration for the following semester will be considered formal notification. A student on administrative leave for medical reasons must obtain the approval of the Dean of Students for the return. While on leave a student is expected to meet deadlines with respect to room reservations and registration as stipulated for regularly enrolled students.

An extension of the period of the leave may be granted for valid reasons provided that the student submits a petition to the Board of Review during the last semester of the leave, except that an academic leave may not be extended. If the student extends the period of leave without authorization, he or she will be withdrawn from the college.

A leave of absence may be canceled if a student registers in another collegiate institution without completing the procedures required for an academic leave.