• Advising

    Academic advising at Whitman College begins when the student submits an application for admission.

  • Curriculum

    General Studies Program and Major Studies Requirements

  • Senior Assessment in Major Study

    Every candidate for a bachelor’s degree must, in his or her senior year or subsequently, complete with a passing grade a senior assessment in the field of the major study.

  • Minor Study Option

    A minor study allows serious participation in a secondary interest area without the burden of designing a more comprehensive interdisciplinary program as required for an individually planned combined major. The election of a minor study program is optional

  • Credits

    Credit Requirements and Restrictions

  • Residence

    The 124 credits required for the bachelor’s degree must be completed in not more than nine semesters or equivalent, except that additional time may be allowed in unusual cases by vote of the Board of Review...

  • Two Baccalaureate Degrees

    Two baccalaureate degrees may not be conferred on the same student at the same time, but the student may earn a second baccalaureate degree by completing at least 30 additional credits in residence following...

  • Advanced Standing and Transfer Credit

    Transfer credit policy, AP & IB credit, Running Start and similar programs, transfer credit restrictions, other forms of transfer credit

  • Classification of Students

    Regular students are those who are admitted to pursue a degree program with the assumption that they complete such a program in approximately eight semesters.

  • Registration Regulations

    Every student is required to register in a program of study at the beginning of each semester. Registration is for one semester only and carries with it no right for continuance in the college. The extension of the privilege of reenrollment to any other semester is always at the option of the officers of the college.

  • Academic Honesty

    Any form of falsification, misrepresentation of another’s work as one’s own (such as cheating on examinations, reports, or quizzes), or plagiarism from the work of others is academic dishonesty and is a serious offense.

  • Evaluation of Students

    Reports and grading, incompletes, P-D-F grade options, correction of grades and record, repeating courses

  • Course Fees

    Charges for fee courses may be redetermined in the fall due to the uncertainty of costs at the time the catalog is published. The following fees are estimated...

  • Leave of Absence

    A regularly enrolled student in good standing who wishes to be granted a leave of absence from the college for one or two consecutive semesters must file a written request with the Board of Review.

  • Academic Standards

    Good standing definition, academic warning, probation, suspension, dismissal

  • Access to Records

    Students shall have access to their educational records except for...

  • Transcript Policy

    A transcript is an official copy of a student’s academic record at Whitman College bearing the official seal and the signature of the Registrar...

  • Honors

    Whitman College gives several awards to recognize academic honor and achievements...

  • National Honors Society

    The following national honor societies have established chapters at Whitman College: Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi...