Dear Whitman Students,

We want to assure you that the Academic Resource Center (ARC) is here to support  your academic progress even as we are all working to adapt in these unpredictable times. 

In support of the College’s decision to hold all courses online after Spring Break and to promote social distancing and to keep our community safe, the ARC staff, including ARC Peer Tutors and the ARC Intern, will no longer be meeting in person with students for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester.  All meetings will now be online. We are also no longer able to proctor in-person exams.

ARC support is still in place

As we continue with this semester, you may find that you are experiencing new challenges and may need different kinds of support. You may also have questions about particular accommodation needs. We continue to be available as resources to all members of our community and can meet online through Google Meet, chat over the phone, or consult over email.

Please reach out to the following:

Antonia Keithahn, for disability support and questions about accommodations:, or 503-320-2950. You can also book an appointment at

Janet Mallen, for academic coaching, midterm grade reports, time management, tutoring, and peer-to-peer learning coaches: Book an appointment:, or call 509-527-5027 to leave a message.

Monica Chapman, for questions about testing for students with accommodations:

Colette Marie, for general questions and scheduling midterm grade report meetings:

Online Tutoring

To request individual or small group tutoring for courses in sciences, calculus, computer science, economics, statistics, and music theory, as well as peer-peer academic skills and time management coaching, please visit  We will meet as many needs as possible.  For assistance with writing or speaking, please visit the webpage for the Center fOr Writing & Speaking


While many accommodations may not apply to your online courses, others must continue to be provided (extended time, access to PowerPoints, audio-enabled texts, etc.). Additionally, there may be new challenges particularly around accessibility, in your online courses. Please contact Antonia and your faculty member if you are experiencing difficulty. This is new for all of us, and there may be issues that need to be addressed collectively and that require flexibility and understanding. 

Please continue to care for yourself and your community.

The ARC staff:

Kendra Golden, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Antonia Keithahn, Assistant Director of Academic Resources for Disability Support Services

Janet Mallen, Assistant Director of Academic Resources for Student Success

Colette Marie, Administrative Assistant for the ARC

Monica Chapman, ARC Testing Coordinator

Alexa Pilgrim, ARC Intern

The ARC Peer Tutoring Team