Photo of Antonia Keithahn

Associate Director of Academic Resources

Olin 314

Antonia Keithahn (she/her/hers) joined Whitman College in 2015, and moved into her current position in 2017. She views her role within a social justice context and her long-term goal is to bring greater awareness to access barriers on our campus so that they can be acknowledged and dismantled. Antonia's background is in secondary education, having received a Master's in Education (in Curriculum and Instruction) from the University of Illinois in 2013. She also holds a BA in History from Reed College after a disastrous attempt at a combined Chemistry-Art major that lasted about a semester and a half before collapsing entirely. Away from the office, Antonia enjoys several hobbies including embroidery, roller derby, singing and playing guitar, intersectional feminism, and comfortable pants.

Make an appointment with Antonia if you:

  • would like to put academic accommodations in place at Whitman
  • have chronic health or mental health condition and would like some support regarding attendance
  • have received a concussion or head injury and need to discuss temporary accommodations
  • have been prescribed an ESA and want to know your next steps
  • want to discuss access issues on campus