Natural sciences are a branch of science concerned with the description, prediction, and understanding of natural phenomena, based on empirical evidence from observation and experimentation. This is important in various components of life for either predicting or understanding certain values in our world.

Mathematics focuses on understanding mathematical relations and calculations, which is useful on its own and in natural sciences. But the disciplines are distinct. Nevertheless, the two disciplines complement each other and often support the work and findings in the other field.

Portrait of James KlinmanJames Klinman  '22, he/him/his

Astronomy / Physics

I chose my major because I've had a strong interest in astronomy from a young age. Along the way, physics captured my interest too. I love all the awesome people I get to connect with and opportunity that the major provides me to explore our universe. 

Favorite classes in major20th-century Physics / Galaxies and Cosmology

Favorite classes out of majorThe Physical Earth

Martin Alvarez-Kuglen


James Bent


Fadia Chehadeh


Image of Clara HoffmanClara Hoffman '21, she/her/hers


I grew up playing on my family’s farm and always asking questions about the plants and animals around me, and watching my world go through seasons of birth and death. My parents indulged this curiosity, which easily transitioned into asking more academic questions about biological systems. Biology is the place where I can ask questions that fuel my curiosities and allows me to work outside.

Favorite class in major: Ecology of the American West

Favorite class out of majorThe Cultural and Literary Life of Rivers

Rebecca Johnston


Mackenzie Kuller


Soren Sandeno


Portrait of Nick McClellanNick McClellan '21, he/him/his

Computer Science

I chose computer science because of the way it combines creativity with rational and problem-solving. The major has classes that range from the structural learning required for Data Structures to the collaborative creativity needed to complete the capstone project. But my favorite thing about the major is undoubtedly the connections you make with your classmates and professors along the way, through office hours, group projects, and the highly collaborative nature of computer science.

Favorite class in majorData Structures

Favorite class out of majorCosmopolitanism & Belonging

Portrait of Mikayla CrowderMikayla Crowder '21, she/her/hers

Environmental Studies - Geology

I really enjoy being able to go out into the field and applying concepts learned in the classroom to the real world. With every new class, I see connections between geology and its relationships with society through the environmental studies lens, thus getting the full effect of an interdisciplinary education that attracted me to a liberal-arts college. 

Favorite class in majorSedimentology and Stratigraphy

Favorite classes out of majorReligion and the Senses

Portrait of Jessica Robinson '21Jessica Robinson '21, she/her/hers


I have always enjoyed math for the intellectual challenge it gives me, as well as the problem-solving processes and abstract analyses that I have learned. 

Favorite class in majorIntro to Higher Mathematics

Favorite classes out of majorDifferential Equations (I know it's math!), Ceramics, Biology