Humanities and Arts study aspects of human society, culture, and artistic expression. The humanities include ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, history, human geography, law, politics, religion, and art.

The humanities help us understand societies through their languages, histories, arts and cultures. Humanities and Arts students build skills in critical reading, thinking and writing.

Grace Gutierrez


Portrait of Chloe DaikhChloe Daikh '21, she/her/hers

Classics and History

I started taking Latin in 6th grade and have always loved it so classics made sense for me. I decided to do a double major in history when I took a class with Sarah Davies in the Fall 2018 semester and also loved it.

Favorite classes in majors: Ancient Theatre and the Advanced Latin Seminar for Classics / Hail Caesar: The Roman Revolution / 20th Century Europe

Favorite class out of major: Approaches to the Study of Literature

Portrait of Sarah MurphySarah Murphy '21, she/her/hers


I chose to study classics because I am a total grammar nerd and love to learn how ancient people thought. I appreciate how engaged the professors are and I know they are teaching me skills that I will continue to use the rest of my life. Classics is a wonderful basis for any career because it teaches you how to think critically, identify subtle connections, and ultimately question your suppositions.

Favorite class in major: Ancient Greek

Favorite class out of major: Chamber Singers


Isabella Margolin PotraitHaley Wilkerson '22, she/her/hers


What drew me to English is a love of literature and writing. I enjoy the process of close reading a text and getting to see the ways different authors employ language and bend it to their will to do some really special things. I chose to major in the discipline because of the way that a text can open a reader up to worlds that would otherwise be inaccessible. I think this is so valuable because it fosters empathy and understanding of experiences outside of your own.

Favorite class in major: Badass Women, 1559-1668

Favorite class out of major: Greek and Roman Intellectual Histories

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Liam Voorhees

Environmental Humanities

Portrait of Jay TysonJean Yvonne (Jay) Tyson '21, she/her/hers or they/them/theirs

Film and Media Studies / Theatre 

As a viewer, film has been the ultimate gateway into finding new stories, learning about practically any subject or part of history and humanity, and also finding general entertainment. As a creator, it lets you direct those focuses, tell your own stories, and explore. Anyone can be a filmmaker; this department gives you the tools to see that and take everything one step further.

Favorite class in majorMean Streets and Raging Bulls

Favorite class out of majorClassical Music in Film

Andreas AsimakopoulosAndreas Asimakopoulos '21, he/him/his

Film and Media Studies

Like most people, I’ve always been fascinated by films. As a child I used to create small animated cartoons or homemade videos that I would edit in Windows Movie Maker. At the time it felt like a frivolous hobby, but the more experience I gained from video editing the more I realized how relevant my “hobby” was in the workforce. After attending a variety of different classes here at Whitman, I came to the conclusion that Film and Media Studies fit my interests perfectly. The department’s excellent staff and unique classes became all of the confirmation I needed to apply for the major.

Favorite class in major: Intro to Filmmaking

Favorite class out of majorMusic Technology


Indira Dahlstrom


Ed Engel


Liam Dubay


Portrait of Yana Miakshyla

Yana Miakshyla '21, she/her/hers

Music (Standard track)

I truly believe that music is capable of changing lives. It is a force that unites people despite their cultural, financial, and sociological background. Since music is made by humans, it encompasses numerous areas of human life: you can see it as a way of self-expression, a product of its time and place, a meticulously crafted set of intervals and melodic lines... Studying music at Whitman has made me a more empathetic, resilient, and community-driven person than ever before.

Favorite classes in major: So many! Here are some: Form and Analysis, Music History I, private lessons

Favorite class out of major: Astronomy 179: Galaxies and Cosmology

Siri DanielsonSiri Danielson '21, she/her/hers


I think that what is most special about philosophy is the ways in which it provokes us to be radically thoughtful and to continuously ask questions about ourselves and the world we inhabit. No matter what philosophy class you take here, you are guaranteed to leave with some of your most fundamental beliefs and assumptions deeply challenged, if not completely upended. That was an experience that I was immediately drawn towards after taking philosophy at Whitman, and it was a big part of why I decided to declare the major!

Favorite class in major: Punishment and Responsibility or Cosmopolitanism, Citizenship, and Belonging

Favorite class out of major: The Stuff of Stories (a Spanish narrative class)


Madison Wang


Portrait of Jay TysonJean Yvonne (Jay) Tyson '21, she/her/hers or they/them/theirs

Theatre / Film and Media Studies

It's easy to feel at home at HJT, and working in theatrical design provides the most creatively stimulating opportunities I've experienced alongside loads of chances to learn diverse skills.

Favorite class in major: Foundations of Design

Favorite class out of major: Study of Jazz