Humanities and Arts study aspects of human society, culture, and artistic expression. The humanities include ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, history, human geography, law, politics, religion, and art.

The humanities help us understand societies through their languages, histories, arts and cultures. Humanities and Arts students build skills in critical reading, thinking and writing.

Rachel_Glaser imageRachel Glaser '22, She/They


Despite growing up in and around the Pacific Northwest art scene, I never expected to end up in Art History, I actually thought I would end up a BBMB major. Much to my surprise, my first AHVCS class, Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture Studies, sold me. I am very pleased to have ended up in the department and I plan to continue my AHVCS studies after Whitman.

Favorite classes in majorsModernism in Art and Architecture

Favorite class out of majorResistance Literature, Theory & Politics


Tucker Grinnan


Reeve Boyer '22, He/Him


I am a senior from Redmond, Washington, a trip leader in the Outdoor Program and Vice President of Whitman Debate. My love of the ancient world dragged my into a classics major.

Favorite classes in majorsAdvanced Classical Greek, the Homer seminar

Favorite class out of majorAMES-105, Beginning Arabic


Chloe Michaels '22, She/Her/Hers

English and French

My name is Chloe Michaels and I am a senior English and French major from the Seattle area. I run cross country at Whitman, and I also participate in the Mentor Program and French for Kids. In my free time I love to read, spend time outside, and play the harp.

Favorite class in major: English: Figures of Newness, French: Afro-Caribbean Literature

Favorite class out of major: Art History: Race and Visual Culture

Contact info:

Mattie Ott

Zac BentzZac Bentz '23, He/Him

Film and Media Studies

I am from Eugene, OR! I love watching movies, writing about movies, talking about movies, writing music, playing music, and listening to music, and thinking about all the ways those two mediums, among others, shape how we understand our world.

Favorite class in major: Intro to Filmmaking

Favorite class out of majorRhetoric of Gender and Sexuality

Zoe MorrisZoe Morris '23, She/Her/Hers

Gender Studies

I am from Los Angeles. I enjoy kickboxing, cooking/baking, and true crime! I am hoping to eventually go to law school and have taken many classes in the politics department, specially classes that discuss gender within law. I am the co-president of Planned Parenthood Generation Action and have been involved since freshman year!

Favorite classes in majorsMen and Masculinities

Favorite class out of majorIntroduction to Television Studies


Julien Comardelle


Clara Epelman


Ed EngelEd Engel '22, He/Him


I'm a senior Japanese and Econ major. Also, RA of Tekisuijuku! I'm interested in U.S.-Japan relations, specifically trade policy. Big fan of Haruki Murakami and Charli XCX.I'm a senior Japanese and Econ major. Also, RA of Tekisuijuku! I'm interested in U.S.-Japan relations, specifically trade policy. Big fan of Haruki Murakami and Charli XCX.

Favorite classes in majorsSolitude and Literary Imagination

Favorite class out of majorMonetary Theory and Policy


Emma StaplesEmma Staples '22, She/Her

Race and Ethnic Studies

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I use she/her pronouns. Besides being a senior Race and Ethnic Studies major, I'm the current president of Kappa Alpha Theta and spend much of my time working to better Greek Life! I'm also an FG/WC student and you can usually find me working at the gym or hanging out in Reid Cafe!

Favorite classes in majorsRAES-225 Race, Class, Violence

Favorite class out of majorANTH-300: Anthropology of Cancer