A collection of resources for writers! Moo.

COWS handout: 6 Basic Writing Errors

COWS handout: Wordiness

COWS handout: Thesis Statements

COWS handout: Outlining

COWS handout: Commas

COWS handout: Literature Reviews

COWS handout: Essay Vocabulary

COWS handout: Transitions

COWS handout: Revision

COWS handout: Semicolons

COWS handout: Lay versus Lie

COWS handout: Be Verbs

COWS handout: Colons


COWS handout: Introduction to Chicago Formatting 

COWS handout: Introduction to MLA Formatting

Other Sources:

Gordon Harvey's "Elements of the Academic Essay:" Brief descriptions of all components in an academic essay

How to Avoid Plagiarism: A very silly video and quiz show to understand what plagiarism is all about

Grammar handouts for English Language Learners

The Purdue OWL on Grammar: Straight forward lessons on all things grammar

The Oxford English Dictionary Online: Respected definitions for 600,000 English words. To access: If you're currently on the Whitman WiFi network, simply click the link. If not, go to the Penrose Library site, click on "Finding Resources" → "Articles & Databases" → "English" → "Find Reference Works" → "Oxford English Dictionary"

Penrose Library e-Resources: A catalogue of research databases, organized according to discipline

The COWS blog: Whitman's online wealth of writing tips and resources, compiled from students and student-tutors since 2013