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Flowers, Leis and Other Gifts

Flowers, Leis and Bouquets

Graduation leis will be offered by Wild Willow Flower House. You can pre-order these leis from their website (www.wallawallaflowers.com) to be picked up on graduation morning at their booth located on campus by the climbing center on Boyer Ave. Wild Willow is offering single and double purple leis as well as presentation bouquets of multiple sizes for your graduate. 

We suggest that you pre order your leis as Wild Willow will have a limited selection. 

Visit their website or call Wild Willow Flower House at 509-525-1267.

Other Gifts

The Whitman College Bookstore also has a variety of gifts, umbrellas, seat cushions, water bottles and other items for sale online and in the store at Reid Campus Center.

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