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Commencement Yard Signs

Yard Sign with Commencement Messaging

Get a yard sign to celebrate your graduate! Download artwork from the files below and order yard signs from Staples (if you have a store in your area) or from Primo Print to have a sign shipped to you.

Download Artwork

We have created designed files for you to download and provide to the printer of your choice. (Note: These files include “bleed” or “trim area” required by these vendors. These terms describe the printable area that expands beyond the trim lines, which will be cut off in the process of finishing your sign.)

18"x12" Sign  24"x18" Sign  36"x24" Sign

Single-Sided or Double-Sided

To create a double-sided sign, simply upload the file for use on both sides of the sign.


  1. Choose the 18” x 24” size option.
  2. Since the file is designed to provide full coverage, the "Color Themes" option does not apply. You can safely leave it as-is, or choose the white background color.
  3. Choose single-sided or double-sided, based on your preference.
  4. Select "Get Started."
  5. Upload your file. The artwork will fit the design pane exactly, but if for some reason, it does not, grab the corners of the design and stretch it to cover the full width and height of the design pane — including the gray "trim area." Or click on the artwork. A row of buttons will appear above the design pane. Select "scale to fit."
  6. If you are creating a double-sided sign, take note of the "front" and "back" buttons beneath the design pane, and use the "back" button beneath the design pane. A thumbnail image of the design will appear in the column to the left of the design pane. Drag that thumbnail into the design pane, and ensure the artwork covers the full design pane, including the gray trim area.
  7. Select "Continue." 
  8. Review the artwork. Check the statement "I have reviewed my product and have checked the spelling."
  9. Select "Continue" to choose shipping options.
  10. Proceed to payment options.

Order from Staples

Primo Print

  1. Choose between 12” x 18”, 18” x 24” and the 24” x 36” size options.
  2. Choose "Print Both Sides" or "Print Front Only."
  3. The sign is printed on material designed to work with H-Stakes (metal stakes that attach to the sign). Choose the "Yes-H-Stakes option" unless you possess H-Stakes acquired for use with another yard sign.
  4. Choose "Flute Direction Vertical" under "Flute Direction."
  5. Choose "No Grommets."
  6. Under "Artwork," choose "I will upload files."
  7. Select "Proceed to Shipping."
  8. Choose your shipping options and click "Next."
  9. Upload the artwork files.
  10. Approve the design. Select "Save and Continue."
  11. Proceed to payment options.

Order from Primo Print

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