ACA Meeting
September 29, 2006
5pm, Reid 207
Prepared by
Johnny Hu

- Helen Kim (kimh2@whitman.edu) is our wonderful advisor. If you haven't met her yet,
please send an e-mail introducing yourself and/or stop by her office in Maxey 229.

- Tutoring: If you're interested in tutoring (i.e. Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Core,
etc.), please contact Carole (
hsiaoc@whitman.edu) in the Academic Resource Center
(Memorial 205).

- Study Abroad in Asia Night: Wednesday, October 18th, 7pm, Reid 207? Room still needs to
be confimed. Committee members please reserve the room with Tamsyn (
ASAP so we have the room available. Advertising: (table toppers, distribution flyers,
student listserve e-mails will need to be made to help promote the event)

- Volunteering: please contact Souk (
thongds@whitman.edu) if you are interested.

- Tunnel of Oppression: Saturday, October 14th (afternoon). Sign ups to view the tunnel
will begin earlier that day. All first years/students who haven't seen the tunnel before
are ENCOURAGED to see this! Also, if you'd like to help out --- either as an actor or to
help set up/cleanup/etc., please send an e-mail to Henry (
kpakahm@whitman.edu) or Geoff

- Speaker: We're going to try to get Eliot Chang (comedian). Please visit his website to
get more info about him:
http://www.echang.com/ We'll be looking to perhaps cosponsor
this with the Intercultural Center, ASWC Public Speakers/Public Events, Dean of Students
office?, etc... any other sources of funding available?

- RA Recruitment: All sophomores and juniors interested in applying to be an RA should
pick up an application/information packet outside the Residence Life/Housing office
(Memorial 113). For more info, please contact them. Applications are due on Thursday,
October 12. There's an information session on Tuesday, October 3 at 7pm in North Hall, or
on Thursday, October 5 at 10pm in
Lyman House.

- Pio article: ACA is in the Pio this week! We're published!

- The Mid Autumn Festival falls on Friday, October 6th. We're planning to have a "Moon
festival celebration" on Thursday October 12th with the Asian Studies House (ASH). More
information about this soon to come... but expect moon cakes!

- Possible future social activities:
- ACA Karaoke Night: Kenji (
straitka@whitman.edu) will look into the cost/possibility of
renting/buying karaoke equiptment. He will then win American Idol and proceed to become
the next Willian Hung, except with actual singing talent and ten-times less awkward

- ACA Games Night: "Asian games" (i.e. DDR, Mah-jong?) at the ASH or Tek? We can perhaps
have some of our meetings at one of these get togethers. It'll be a good way to get more
people interested in the club as a whole and make our meetings "less boring" and "formal"
as some people have pointed out... ^_^

- Basketball/bowling/tennis/other sports activities might be fun?

- Movie showings: DVD showing or perhaps watching another movie at the good 'ol Walla
Walla Cinema. Apparently "Fearless" was a kick-ass film!

- Discussion topics: Johnny wants to have a nice discussion about an interesting  (Asian
American) issue one of these days. He would like for everyone to please think of some
ideas and to also start using the listserve as a forum for discussion.