ACA Meeting
September 15, 2006
5pm, Reid 207
Prepared by
Jessica Lee

Hey Everyone!  Here's what we talked about at our meeting (9/15)!

-tentative date: March 31
-at Reid Ballroom
-come up w/ ideas for a theme!

-continue thinking about what speakers you want to bring to campus and we'll talk about
it more at our next meeting

**Study Abroad in Asia Night
-Wed. Oct. 18, 7:00pm at Reid GO2 or 207
-Sandy: contact the study abroad office to get list of students who studied abroad in
Asian countries -advertising committee:  Michelle, Margaret, Rob, Geoff, Souk

**Community Service Project
-brainstorm ideas of what sort of community service you guys would be interested in
participating in as a club
-some ideas: habitat for humanity, the humane society (Souk will look into this), and the
Odd Fellows Home (Jessica will look into this)

**Zapotec Women's Weaving Group will be at Whitman on Wed. Sept. 27 at 7:30pm

**Tunnel of Oppression
-actors and volunteers to help set up and clean up are needed!  sign up at the table that
will be in Reid all next week from 12-1pm.  -Tunnel opens on Sat. Oct. 14

-possible club viewing of Fearless, Jet Li's last martial arts film on Sat. Sept. 23
-Rob will look into showing times

**Other Announcements
Sat. Sept. 16 @ 7pm, "House of Flying Daggars" showing, ASH
-Mon. Sept. 18 @ 7:30pm @ Olin 157:  Eiji Kyotani will be giving a lecture:  "The Resurgence of Small Firms: A Look and Region and Industry in Japan--The Case of Nagano
-Wed. Sept. 20 @ 7:30pm @ Olin 157:  Tanimoto Kondo will be giving a lecture: "The Search
for Peace: A Hiroshima Survivor Remembers"

**ACA will meet every other week, in Reid 207.  So our next meeting is on Friday, Sept.
29 at 5:00pm.