ACA Meeting
November 10, 2006
5pm, Reid 207
Prepared by
Jessica Lee

Hello ACA!

Thank you to everyone who came today , as it was our last meeting before Elliot Chang. 
Here are the minutes from today's meeting (which was super fun, so if you missed out . .
. well, there will be other DDR nights):

*Asian American Identity Project--Sandy
--headed up by Sandy last year
--a project we will be working on next semester for Asian Heritage Month (April)

*No Winterim workshop by ACA

*Potluck dinner at Helen Kim's house:  Tue. Nov. 14

*Humane Society volunteering
--meet tomorrow at Reid at 1:45pm to arrive there around 2:00pm
--bring your completed forms

*Elliot Chang update
--we have all the funding we need thanks to the Intercultural Center, President Bridges,
and Dean Cleveland.
--thank you notes were signed--if you weren't at the meeting but would like to sign these
notes, email me (leejs) and we'll arrange a time to meet; I'll probably be sending them
out on Monday.
--EVERYONE needs to help advertise for this event (fliers, poster, word-of-mouth, table
toppers, emails, list-servs, etc)
--also, if you are able, please try to attend this event:  Thu. Nov. 30 at 7pm in Olin 130

*Symposium feedback
--thoughts, feelings, responses to the Symposium on Thursday
--CNN article


Thanks for a fun time!  I'll get pictures on Facebook as soon as I can!  Hope you all
have a great weekend!  Please email me (leejs) or Johnny (huh) if you have any questions
or concerns or if you just really want to chat with us!