The KWCW studio is perched above the foyer of the Reid Campus Center

Reid Campus Center is the home to many Student Offices and Media Organizations.

Stevens Gallery  (First Floor Lobby)

The Stevens Gallery is a student-operated gallery with rotating shows in a variety of media from painting, to sculpture, to photography, to mixed media.  The Gallery leadership is under the umbrella of the Whitman Events Board.

KWCW 90.5 FM  (Mezzanine Level)

KWCW is a student-operated radio station that operates 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week during the academic year. The broadcast studio overlooks the foyer of the campus center, so toss the DJ a wave as you head into the building.

Associated Students of Whitman College  (RCC210)

The Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) represents student interests on campus, arranges for speakers, sponsors all-campus events, and funds student organizations.

Whitman Events Board  (RCC208)

The WEB Office is home to the Whitman Events Board.  These students plan a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular programs for the Whitman Community, including concerts, lectures, films, comedians, dances, and much more.

The Whitman Wire  (Newsroom - RCC236)

The Pioneer is the free, weekly student newspaper that informs, entertains, and provides both a catalyst and a forum for expression within the Whitman Community.  Subscriptions are available.

blue moon  (RCC234)

Whitman College's literary and art magazine is published each spring.

quarterlife  (RCC234)

quarterlife is a literary journal published four times a year that features poetry, short fiction, drama, creative nonfiction, analytic essays, alternative journalism, and any other sort of literary work Whitman College students might create.  Each issue is composed around a given theme that acts as both a spark for individual creativity and a thematic axis for the issue.

Yearbook - Waiilatpu  (RCC 237)

A small group of dedicated Whitman students working to create and preserve the college's living history on a year-to-year basis.  We bring a desire to learn, along with expertise in photography, design, and business practices, to the task of creating a tangible artifact that communicates the shared experiences unique to Whitman's culture and environment.