A Banner Bank ATM is located on the ground floor.

Bicycle Repair Shop

The Outdoor Program features a bicycle repair shop located behind Boyer House, 34 Boyer St., faculty and staff may use the shop to repair their bicycles. Tools are provided free of charge but users must provide repair materials. A bicycle technician is available and will assist with repairs for a nominal fee.


In addition to textbooks, the Whitman College Bookstore carries a full-line of insignia clothing and gift items, as well as an extensive line of art and school supplies. Tickets for most on-campus events are sold at the service counter.


Bon Appétit, food service provider for Whitman College, offers a grab and go market in the Reid Campus Center.  The market is open during regular Reid Campus Center hours.  However the market it closed when school is not in session.

Lost and Found

The Reid Campus Center Office, room 202, serves as the campus lost and found. Items may be claimed from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Lost and found items not claimed are sold at a public sale in the Reid Campus Center foyer in May.

Mill Creek College Cabin Rentals

Reid Campus Center manages the College Cabin located on Mill Creek. Whitman students, faculty and staff may reserve dates and use the cabin. The rental rate is $50 a night. To schedule the College Cabin, please contact Jessica Ruiz, 509-527-5208 or

TV/Fireplace Lounge

The lounge is a favorite of students wanting to catch a little TV or those making a quick stop to check e-mail on the way to and from the Reid Campus Center. Three computer kiosk stations are available in the lounge and three more are now located on the ground floor just outside the Bookstore, so there is rarely a line.

Meeting Rooms

The Reid Campus Center features several meeting spaces to accommodate the diverse needs of the Whitman community. A variety of audio-visual equipment is available. Check out the descriptions of some of the meeting spaces available in the Reid Campus Center.

To schedule a meeting space in the Reid Campus Center, contact the Conferences, Events & Scheduling Office at 509-527-5366.

Outdoor Program

The Outdoor Program (OP) is an outdoor recreation cooperative that offers something for everyone on campus. For students, faculty and staff who are active in outdoor pursuits, the OP runs a rental shop that stocks a large variety of outdoor gear can be rented for a small charge. The OP also sponsors a number of trips each semester including rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, and mountaineering. The OP coordinates several training programs each year for interested students, faculty and staff including Wilderness First Responder, Avalanche Safety and White Water Rescue. The Outdoor Program hosts well-known speakers and films on a regular basis. The OP also manages the Sherwood climbing walls.

Post Office

The Whitman College Post Office is the sorting location for student and departmental mail deliveries. The Post Office also sells stamps and accepts outgoing U.S. Postal Service mail. Packages of all sizes sent to students are delivered to the Campus Center Post Office.  Students wishing to ship out large boxes may do so at the Campus Center Post Office via USPS or UPS.

The address for faculty or staff members is:

[Individual or Office Name]
Whitman College
345 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla, Washington 99362

For students, the address is:

[Student's name]
Whitman College
280 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla, Washington 99362

Campus Post Office business hours

    Academic Year:   Monday-Friday    -    10:00 am to 4:30 pm
    Summer Hours:    Monday-Friday    -    10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Refrigerator Rental

The Reid Campus Center rents refrigerators (approximately 26" x 18" & 2.5 cu ft) to students during the academic year (August through May). The 2016-2017 rental cost is $75. This cost includes a $25 cleaning/damage/lost parts deposit, which is refunded at the end of the academic year if the refrigerator is returned on time, is defrosted, clean and dry, and has all the shelves it had when rented.

Refrigerators are rented on a first-come first-served basis. If you would like to rent a refrigerator, please  fill out the Refrigerator Rental Reservation Form ( OR contact Jessica Ruiz in the Reid Campus Center Office, room 202, for details.


To reserve a space in Reid Campus Center and many other locations on campus, please contact the Conferences, Events & Scheduling office 509-527-5366 or

Whitman Express Buses

The Reid Campus Center coordinates a convenient and safe charter round trip bus service to the Seattle and Portland areas for Thanksgiving and Winter Break. At Spring Break buses run only if total ridership warrants the service. The bus line is fully insured and uses the latest in luxury buses including individual seats, rest rooms and cargo space. Reservations can be made in the Reid Campus Center Office, room 202, as soon as school resumes in the fall, or online at whit/mn.shuttle. Students may purchase all bus reservations at once, or they may purchase them prior to each break. Questions about the bus service should be directed to Jessica Ruiz in the Reid Campus Center Director's Office at (509) 527-5208.

The "Whitman Express Buses" are a courtesy offered to Whitman students and Whitman staff and their families only. For purposes of insurance coverage, no non-Whitman students or non-staff persons will be allowed on the buses. This is also a service meant to transport students/staff and a small amount of their personal luggage. There will not be space available for riders to transport bicycles (boxed or not), canoes, kayaks, string basses, cellos, guitars, guitar amps, desktop computers/monitors, skis, snowboards, electronic pianos, trombones, tenor or baritone or bass saxophones, tubas or other "oversized" items.

We ask that passengers limit themselves to the equivalent of two small sized suitcases (the size that airlines will accept as carry-on luggage) to be placed in the under bus luggage bays plus one back-pack to be taken on-board.

Whitman Express Bus schedule and information