Ground Floor


(509) 527-5274

Janice King, Textbook Buyer
Tracy Oberg, General Merchandise Buyer
Robert Randall, Finance Specialist


Outdoor Program and Rental Shop

(509) 527-5965

Brien Sheedy, Director
Stuart Chapin, Assistant Director
Lish Riley, Rental Shop Manager

Post Office

(509) 527-5903

Eddie DeLeon, Post Office Supervisor
Carla Rountree, Post Office Assistant
Eddie DeLeon, Campus Courier 

First Floor


(509) 527-5206

Mike Jones, Cafe Manager

Information Desk

(509) 527-5200


Stevens Gallery

Rachel Loe, Gallery Curator

Young Ballroom


KWCW, 90.5 FM

(509) 527-5285 - Office
(509) 527-5283 - Request Line 1
(509) 527-5284 - Request Line 2

Alicia Burr, General Manager

Second Floor

America Reads/Counts

Room 219
(509) 527-5183

Susan Prudente, School Programs Coordinator

Associated Students of Whitman College

Room 210
(509) 527-5205

Andrea Kelly, Administrative Secretary

blue moon

Room 234

Lily Monsey, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Hillary Smith, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Campus Center Offices

Room 202
(509) 527-5208

Associate Dean of Students

Barbara Maxwell, Associate Dean, Student Programs and Activities
Jessica Ruiz, Administrative Assistant

Campus Center Office

Barbara Maxwell, Director
Jessica Ruiz, Administrative Assistant

Conferences and Events
(509) 527-5366

Katie DePonty, Director
Jordan Schilling, Scheduling Coordinator

Student Activities

Leann Adams, Director  -  (509) 527-5367

Catering Office

Room 212
(509) 527-5127

Teresa Maddess, Manager

Center for Community Service

Room 222

Abby Juhasz, Community Service Coordinator
Susan Prudente, School Programs Coordinator - (509) 522-4429

Community Service Program Leaders' Office
Room 224
(509) 527-5995

Dark Room

Room 241

Charly Bloomquist, Coordinator
Jessica Ruiz, Administrative Assistant

Office of Fellowships and Grants

Room 232

          Keith Raether, Director

Intercultural Center

Room 216
(509) 527-5596

Maggie Banderas, Co-Assistant Director of the Intercultural Center
Adam Kirtley, Co-Assistant Director of the Intercultural Center
Sonja Aikens, Administrative Assistant

Room 230
Kyle Martz, International Student and Scholar Adviser
(509) 522-4410

News Room

Room 236

The Whitman Wire Office
Room 239
(509) 527-5372

Mitchell Smith, Editor-in-Chief
Marra Clay, Publisher

Publications Office
Room 237

Outdoor Program Director's Office

Room 209
(509) 522-4395

   Brien Sheedy, Director


Room 234

          Gillian Gray, Co-Editor-in-Chief
          Brie Strom, Co-Editor-in-Chief        

Religious & Spiritual Life Office

Room 216
(509) 522-4449

Adam Kirtley, Coordinator

Resource Room

Room 214

Student Engagement Center

Room 219
(509) 527-5183

Marisol Becerra, Administrative Assistant for the Student Engagement Center
Abby Juhasz, Community Service Coordinator
Noah Leavitt, Director, Student Engagement Center
Susan Prudente, School Programs Coordinator
Kim Rolfe, Director, Business Engagement
Abby Seethoff, Technology & Marketing Fellow
Gayle Townsend, Assistant Director of Career Development
Victoria Wolff, Assistant Director for Internship Programs


Room 237

          Danica Wilbanks, Co-Editor-in-Chief (Fall Only)
          Mickey Shin, Co-Editor-in-Chief (Spring Only)
          Zoe Lahaie, Publisher

Whitman Events Board Office

Room 208
(509) 527-5581

          Olivia Barry, WEB Chair