Penrose Library panorama

Penrose Library is open 24/7, and at least one student has called it “the most beautiful thing in the world.”

On your tour, be sure to visit the library’s Allen Reading Room. On the fireplace mantle is a small, archival paper, bound log book titled “The Allen Reading Room Challenge.” It records highly personal academic triumphs, late night insights, and inside jokes that reflect a “this is your brain at 2 a.m.” perspective. Pages contain the only-after-2 a.m. reflections of the last person to leave the room on any given morning. It’s a tradition that nocturnal Whitties take seriously as they share their thoughts and musings about the work done that night.

You’ll be impressed at the rest of the library building, too: it’s comfortable, functional, centrally located on campus and provides a great view of Ankeny Field. The library offers plenty of study rooms and cozy, light-filled nooks for Whitties to curl up with their laptops, books and research materials for a long night of study.

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