On the rooftop is an astronomy observation lab. The 12 high-quality telescopes enable students to view the cosmos above Walla Walla, where urban light pollution is minimal at the most. Inside the 105,000 square-foot building are the kind of Big Science facilities you’d find surprising at a small liberal arts college, including a scanning electron microscope and a confocal microscope. And the Hall of Science features a favorite interior signature architectural spot on campus – an atrium and soaring glass inner walls that open into student laboratories, allowing for observation of ongoing experiments and study areas with natural light for classwork.

Recent updates in the science building include the creation of several new faculty research labs in chemistry, geology and biology to meet the needs of new faculty and the increasing emphasis on opportunities for faculty-student collaborative research.

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Major Instrumentation

Whitman has a variety of significant scientific instruments, including a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer system, a confocal microscope, an x-ray diffraction system, and a scanning electron microscope available for use by faculty and students. Click here for more information.

Science Facilities