WIDE's purpose is to enable Whitman's diversity, equity and inclusion considerations to become more proactive and strategic.

The council will engage in a campus climate study, collecting data on faculty, staff, student and administrator perspectives on diversity, and will help generate and define the initial stages of the college's diversity plan.

WIDE Chairs

  • Kazi Joshua - WIDE Co-Chair and Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Brooke Vick - WIDE Co-Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology

WIDE Committee Members

  • Maggi Banderas - Assistant Director of the Intercultural Center
  • Neal Christopherson - Director, Office of Institutional Research (Ex-Officio)
  • Juli Dunn - Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
  • Michael Flannery, Overseer
  • Elise Frank, student
  • John Hein - Head Women's Tennis Coach
  • Dennis Hopwood - Director of Human Resources
  • Noah Leavitt - Associate Dean of Students and Sociology Research Associate
  • Ema Lopez - Physical Plant
  • Gilbert Mireles - Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Lisa Perfetti - Associate Dean for Faculty Development
  • Albert Schueller - Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Angela Tang - Student
  • Brenna Two Bears - Student
  • Shalini Uppu - Associate Director of Admissions
  • Sarah Wang - Trustee and Chair of the Diversity Committee of the Board
  • Cherokee Washington, student