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Campus Climate Timeline

Phase I - Initial Proposal Meeting and Focus Groups

The initial meeting with the Climate Study Working Group was in April, 2015

Focus groups will be conducted in September-October 2015.

Phase II - Assessment Tool Development and IRB Proposal

Assessment tool development is currently underway. 

Estimated completion time for the assessment tool and the IRB proposal is November-December 2015.

Phase III - Survey Implementation and Data Analysis

The survey will be conducted in February 2016. The survey data will be analyzed from March-May 2016.

Phase IV - Final Report and Presentation of Results

Once the data is analyzed, the final report will be created in June-August 2016 and will be presented in November 2016.

Final Phase - Develop and Implement Strategic Actions

From November-December 2016, strategic actions will be developed based on the final report. These actions will be implemented in 2016-2017.

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