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Whittie Allies Program

Whittie Allies 101 Basic Concepts training is designed with staff and students in mind, though all Whitman community members are welcome. This training covers vocabulary, gender, sexuality, allyship, relevant Whitman policies, and LGBTQIA+ resources at Whitman and in the Walla Walla area. 

Trainings take place throughout the year. Please sign up for the 101 Basic Concepts training here.

Want to learn more? Whittie Allies 102 Intermediate Concepts covers the intermediate concepts of LGBTQIA+ identity, gender and sexuality, and allyship. You MUST have completed 101 training in order to attend 102 training. Please sign up for the 102 Basic Concepts training here. 

Pizza will be provided. 

Flyer outlining different components of the WA program: 101, faculty, family, and Greek

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