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About Us

Rosh Hashanah

Who We Are

Hillel-Shalom is about 125-150 students, staff members and faculty members of Whitman College. Membership varies from year to year; over the past several years, we have grown significantly. Our student group is headed by a group of student leaders who work with a club sponsor to plan and implement programming for the organization. We often work in conjunction with the Intercultural Center. The Intercultural Center serves an important role in bringing multicultural organizations together to collaborate in educating the Whitman community.

Hillel-Shalom works closely with the Walla Walla Jewish community and with leaders from the local synagogue, Congregation Beth Israel. Congregation Beth Israel is a community-oriented, Reform synagogue. Whitman students add energy and enthusiasm to the local community and in turn, the community offers support and guidance to students.

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