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Fridays at Five

Through educational and social programming for the entire community, Hillel-Shalom encourages understanding of and pride in the Jewish heritage and provides a forum of support for the religious and cultural needs of Jewish members. We also hope to increase awareness of the Jewish culture at Whitman and in the greater Walla Walla community. Our purpose is summarized by the following statement:

Mission and Purpose:

It is the mission of the Whitman College Hillel-Shalom to provide Jewish students, non-Jewish students, Jewish faculty and staff, and all other Whitman College community members with a strong, accepting, safe, and welcoming Jewish community through a weekly Friday Shabbat event called Fridays At Five, special community building holiday events, campus wide Jewish cultural events, and by acting as a connection between the Whitman Jewish community and the Walla Walla Jewish community.

Contact people: 

Current presidents: Phyllis Pawa (pawapb@whitman.edu), Anna Zirkes (zirkesam@whitman.edu), and Cormac Li (liz@whitman.edu)


Noah Leavitt (leavitns@whitman.edu) and Helen Kim (kimh2@whitman.edu)

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