The Campus Sustainability Coordinator oversees internship opportunities for students to get involved in leading sustainability-driven change on and around campus. Internships are open to all students of any major. Current available internships are listed here, along with application details. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Environmental Studies Internships

Prior to 2012, the Environmental Studies major required a semester-long internship. Reports from these internships can be found here

The Environmental Studies program has funding dedicated to supporting summer internships. Students must secure their own unpaid 10-week internship with an environmental organization and then apply for funding. For more information, contact the Environmental Studies program.

Many students opt to participate in a one-credit environmental studies academic internship during the year.  This allows students to receive academic credit for pursuing an area of interest in depth and also serves as a way to provide sustained staffing for projects. Internships require mid-term and final reports and approval of a faculty member. These internships are coordinated by the Sustainability Coordinators with faculty oversight provided by Environmental Studies professor Amy Molitor.

Through these internships, many important projects have been developed and sustained. Below are some recent environmental internships.

Whitman has many sustainability-related challenges yet unfaced, posing ripe opportunities for students to take them on and initiate change themselves. Current potential projects on campus in need of student help include:

Previous internship reports done through the Environmental Studies department for credit are listed below.

Spring 2013

Eliana Schwartz, Vermicompost Biology Intern, Spring 2013

H. Jini Valence, Whitman Industrial Composting Education and Outreach, Spring 2013

Logan Davis, Whitman Industrial Composting Education and Outreach, Spring 2013

Fall 2012

Matt Akins, Earth Month Coordination, Spring 2013

Audrey Vaugh, Greeks Going Green, Fall 2012

Jenny Gonyer, Vermicompost Biology intern, Fall 2012

Matt Akins, Whitman Industrial Composting Education and Outreach, Fall 2012

Crop planning intern for Whitman CSA 

CSA Garden design and implementation
Greening the Grass
Compost education
Bike share program
Greeks Going Green
Whitman’s Investment Portfolio
Oregon Rural Action internship
Composting Biology intern

Spring 2012 
Composting Education and Outreach 
Greening the Interest House Community 
Clean Energy Expansion
Greening the Teams/Sustainability in Athletics
Chemical-Use Investigation
Earth Day Coordinator
Composting Biology Intern 
Bike Co-Op 
Fraternity Waste Reduction 
Greenhouse Gas Audit

Other Reports
The 2011 Greenhouse Gas Audit gas audit is available here.

In December 2008, Environmental Studies Senior Seminar (ENVS 479) completed a report on the impact of Climate Change on the Walla Walla region.

The Campus Climate Challenge produced a Green Guide for residence at Whitman College.

A group of students produced a report in the late 2000s entitled "Whit-ling our Emissions: Proposed Strategies for Achieving Climate Neutrality at Whitman College."