campus climate challenge
Image credit: Annelise Osterberg

Campus Climate Challenge is dedicated to halting anthropogenic climate change, be it through conducting on-campus campaigns (such as banning the sale of bottled water), educating local children on climate change, justice activities in the greater Walla Walla area, participating in regional and national climate and activism conferences, or actively participating in national campaigns (350, Beyond Coal, Tar Sands Action, etc).

Green Leaders

Green Leaders is program whose goal is to promote sustainable living among Whitman students living in both on campus and off campus housing. We aim to do this by facilitating students in instilling green habits in their peers through education and programming planned by the Green Leaders. The Chief Green Leaders will facilitate the Green Leaders by teaching them leadership skills, helping them organize community events, and connecting them with all the spokes of the green umbrella. We hope this will prepare Green Leader Graduates to continue forging both on the Whitman campus, and throughout their lives.

Organic Garden

It is the mission of the Organic Garden to create a garden of abundant nourishment; nourishment for the community, the mind, the body, the spirit and the future. The philosophy of the Organic Garden is to foster an environment filled with experimentation, composting and the recycling of waste, no chemical pesticides or fertilizers (for the health of people and the planet), education (learning from the Earth, each other and shared ideas), respect for nature, celebration of life and appreciation for where food comes from.

The garden grows a wide variety of both annual and perennial vegetables, fruits, and herbs ranging from raspberries to bok choy to butternut squash. In an effort to improve soil fertility the Student Organic Garden uses food scraps from student houses and composts it with other materials provided by the physical plant. Our purpose is to get dirty and enjoy the process of growing food.

Holds Open Garden Mondays 5-7pm, Wednesdays 4-6pm, and Fridays 4-6pm 
(Open Gardens are not held during the winter when the ground is frozen)

Whitman Direct Action

Whitman Direct Action (WDA) is a non-profit, open-source, and student-run organization from Whitman College dedicated to helping marginalized people by promoting economically and environmentally sustainable community development. Our goal is to see a world where sustainable practices have replaced destructive ones, where equitable mutual and synergistic opportunity replaces oppression, and where critical thought and action replaces apathy and fear.


Student Agriculture at Whitman is dedicated to providing local, student-grown produce to our dining halls. As a small business, we grow greens and make weekly deliveries to make profit that revolves back to supporting S.A.W.'s development.

action for animals - although the picture shows fruit

Whitman College's Action for Animals club works to educate and promote dialogue with the Whitman community about important animal issues while providing fun activities on our campus.


  • Check out the websites and see what group interests you.
  • Email the student contact to learn when and where groups have their weekly meetings.
  • Check out the booths and the Activities Fairs at the beginning of the semester.

Still have questions? Email the campus sustainability coordinators at: