Download the Campus Sustainability Guide here!

Voting with your dollar and personal consumption reduction strategies are the first things that come to mind when considering how to lead a more sustainable life. However, Whitman offers many other opportunities that may be overlooked. If you're passionate about making a change yourself, think about taking on an internship. Have your voice heard at ASWC or in The Pioneer or Union-Bulletin. Connect with or join student clubs related to your issue. Speak with the Campus Sustainability Coordinator about opportunities for change. Pursue the Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund. Attend Whitman Sustainability Advisory Committee, City of Walla Walla Sustainability or Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committees, or other similar committee meetings. Invest in your community here on campus and in town. Talk to each other and share ideas. 

Why is Engagement Important?

Students, you are here to launch yourself into the rest of your life in a world on the verge of change. It is important now to adapt to coming problems and take this time to discover the right balance for you. It is your future our actions impact. Both your education and your lifestyle serve as investments in your future - our futures. Keep that in mind in your time here, and make an effort to bring Whitman's actions in line with your vision of the future. Take these lessons with you once you graduate.

For staff and faculty, you belong to a community bent on providing its students their best possible future. Be mindful of how your actions impact the world they are to inherit. Eliminate wastefulness and inefficiency. Try to leave students a world as healthy and capable of providing as the one you entered. Remember that the College exists for them. Wrap sustainability into your curriculum - ecology, economy, and equity. 

Whitman is not an island. Our actions impact the future of the globe. Be a positive impact on all these things, for your own future as well as others'.