Brief Bibliography for the Study of Candide

The Voltaire Society of America often receives requests for basic information about Voltaire's most famous text, the philosophical tale, Candide (1759). The following bibliography provides references for a only few basic resources for beginning study of this text. For more in-depth study, please consult the bibliography included in the volume listed below, Approaches to Teaching Voltaire's Candide, or the exhaustive bibliographie compiled by Frédéric Spear, Bibliographie analytique des écrits relatifs à Voltaire, 1966-1990 (Oxford, 1992).

A bilingual edition of Candide:

The Norton critical edition of Candide provides a good selection of critical readings that contextualize the work and record a number of diverging opinions thereof:

For a series of introductory essays on a wide variety of topics, see the volume issued by the Modern Language Association of America:

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