Past Participants

As you investigate your off-campus study options, we suggest you speak with a former participant of the program(s) you are considering.  Many times, students find that program alumni prove to be invaluable resources during the program selection process.  The OCS staff has put together the following list of past participants from our Partner Programs.  Please do not hesitate to contact them with any questions you might have.

Danny Kaplan '10

Danny Kaplan '10, a Race and Ethnic Studies major, studied in Amman, Jordan with the School for International Training (SIT).

I conducted an Independent Study Project (ISP) as part of my major.  I basically wrote a thesis using field research on a topic of my choice.  My ISP addressed globalization in Jordan via Starbucks and its significance regarding Arab coffee culture.

Ramadan was a challenging month.  More...

Elizabeth Hockett '11

Elizabeth Hockett, an Art History and Visual Culture/Studio Art double major ’11, studied in Florence, Italy with Studio Art Centers International (SACI).

To really experience Florence, or any other foreign country, beyond it's tourist attractions, I had to be brave and venture outside the easy study abroad circles. This is where my Italian language course became the most important class I was taking. Stumbling through conversations about bread types with bakers and chit-chatting with dried fruit and nut vendors at the Mercato Centrale were some of my most frustrating yet exhilarating moments while abroad.  More...

  Alex Kearns '11

Sociology major Alex Kearns ’11 studied in Botswana with Pitzer College during the fall 2009 semester and then spent the spring 2010 semester at The Philadelphia Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Pitzer College in Botswana is not an academically rigorous program, but what it lacks in academic strength it makes up for through cultural experiences. Unlike some other programs, which offer classes in a foreign university, the Botswana program challenges students by immersing them in communities across Botswana.  More...

Sarah Nostdal Sarah Nostdal ’09

Environmental Sociology major Sarah Nostdal ’09 studied in Quito Euador with SIT Ecuador: National Identity, Ethnicity, and Social Movements.

I did an independent study project that dealt with my experiences living with an indigenous family and working with monkeys at an animal rescue center. While in Ecuador I had the opportunity to live in three different households all with very different lifestyles. More...

Jack Mountjoy Jack Mountjoy ’09

Jack Mountjoy ’09, an economics and politics major and a music minor, studied at The American University in Cairo, Egypt.

Nothing beats taking interesting classes about the Middle East while actually living in the Middle East. I was able to learn a year's worth of Arabic (both Modern Standard and Egyptian Colloquial) in just a semester with great teachers and constant practice outside of the classroom. More...

Celi Schoenike Celi Schoenike ’09

Environmental Humanities major Celi Schoenike ’09 spent a summer in Kenya with School for Field Studies (SFS), a summer in Morocco with the School for International Training (SIT), and a semester in Florence, Italy through Syracuse University.

I've never learned more about the things that are most important to me than in the field - actually out doing and learning through experimentation, intimidation, enthusiasm, courage, encouragement, camaraderie. More...