Guidelines for Student-Organized Panels

Groups of students may elect to organize their own panels. Student-organized panels can take two forms:

  1. Four or five students may prepare individual presentations for a single panel focused on a common topic or theme. Each student submits a separate proposal but indicates the other presentations with which her own presentation is to be grouped. These panels must comprise four or five presenters. In most cases, each of the proposals will have the same sponsor. (Each proposal will be judged on its own merits.) An example of such a panel is four or five proposals addressing a common political topic or literary work.
  2. In cases where several students have worked together in a common project, a second type of student-organized panel may be appropriate. In this instance, one student submits a proposal, includes the names of the other members of the panel, and provides a short description of what each student will contribute to the presentation. See the 2011 Undergraduate Conference program for examples of such student-organized panels.

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