April 25: Expanding Militarism and Converting the Military to Sustainable Production

Where: Olin 130

When: Wednesday, April 25, 7:00 PM


Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, addresses the following themes: current U.S. space technology strategy; U.S. expanding militarism in the Asia-Pacific region; the impact of expanding militarism on the economic crisis here at home; the need to promote the conversion of the military industrial complex to sustainable production if we hope to have the slightest impact on climate change; the 2012 national elections and what we can do about the corporate domination of Congress. 

Bruce Gagnon has been working on space issues for the past 25 years and helped create the GN in 1992. His book, Come Together Right Now: Organizing Stories from a Fading Empire, was republished in 2008. For 15 years he coordinated the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice. He was trained as an organizer by the United Farmworkers Union and is also a member of Veterans for Peace. Project Censored named a story on space weaponization by Gagnon as the 8th Most Censored story in 1999.

This event is co-sponsored by WEB, the Environmental Studies Deptartment and Campus Climate Challenge.