Summer Housing & Facilities Coordinator

Date: 08/02/2011 Office/Department: Conferences and Events
Starting Wage: Supervisor: Becky O'Connell
Openings: No Department Head: Barbara Maxwell

Summer Housing Coordinators

Position Description

NATURE OF EMPLOYMENT: The Conferences and Events Office arranges campus space and services for college sponsored events and campus rentals.  During the summer, one Housing Coordinator and one Facilities Coordinator are hired to work with event organizers to make arrangements for the facilities and resources that will be needed to make the event successful.  Coordinators will be expected to serve as leaders for a team of conference aides in providing quality customer service.  Coordinator is expected to be professional and approachable in all aspects of the job.


  • Communicating with clients to coordinate facility/housing/resource requests
  • Coordinating with other departments on campus as needed for access to and usage of facilities and resources
  • Ensuring all spaces are cleaned, set-up and unlocked/locked as needed for guests
  • Maintaining accurate records of facility/housing/resource usage
  • Scheduling Summer Conference Aides
  • Working with Conference & Events Director and Conference Coordinator to supervise summer conference aides
  • Assisting with other aspects of summer conferencing as needed.  May include:
    • Housekeeping (including regular custodial duties such as garbage collection, vacuuming, deep cleaning, etc.)
    • Registration desk support, including check-in and check-out for guests and assistance with personal belongings
    • Residence hall preparation, including delivering linens and preparing beds
    • Facility preparation, including moving and set up of tables and chairs and stage assembly/disassembly
    • Supervision of residence halls and event sites
    • Audio/visual set up and support
    • General maintenance
    • Office operations
    • Van driving/shuttle services
    • Special assignments and general assistance as needed

DURATION: Positions are offered from approximately May 24 through approximately August 28. Additional work is available for students who wish to work through the start of classes.  Coordinators will also work training hours in April and May.

WORK SCHEDULE: Labor hours will vary daily and employment will include work on Saturdays and Sundays.  Employees will be scheduled for shifts that do not fall within the normal 8 a.m.-5 p.m. time period.  Employee's work schedules may be adjusted within any week.

OTHER COMPENSATION: Employees will receive housing during the period of employment and meals in the Prentiss Dining Hall when meals are served to conference groups.  This benefit carries the expectation of insuring the proper use and respect of the College property and regulations by campus guests.  (Conference Coordinators are strongly encouraged to live on-campus as part of employment.)


  • Be able to effectively communicate (verbally and in writing) with staff and customers
  • Be detail oriented and posses organizational skills
  • Have familiarity with campus facilities and services
  • Be able to work independently and as part of a team
  • Have enthusiasm and the ability to motivate others
  • Be able to work with and constructively supervise peers
  • Be able to work with diverse people in a variety of often tense or difficult situations
  • Possess a positive work attitude and project a professional appearance
  • Be able to cope with diversified responsibility
  • Be able to perform a variety of physical tasks such as lifting and walking. Requirements vary with the type of work area assigned.
  • Because of the nature of this job, additional employment should be discussed with the Director of Conferences and Events. Pay from other on-campus departments will be subject to overtime rates because conference aides are paid for 40 hours per week. Your other employer will be responsible for overtime pay-check with them for their approval.
  • Your Whitman employment includes important responsibilities and requires careful consideration with any personal, family, or community schedules.


STAFF TRAINING: You will be required to attend all sessions designated as training functions.

STAFF DEVELOPMENT: Opportunities planned to improve staff interaction, enhance communication, infuse energy and re-establish enthusiasm will be offered to benefit all.  Your participation is encouraged.

EVALUATION: Work attitude, staff interaction, maintaining of work schedule and task performance will be periodically reviewed.  Evaluation counseling will be performed as necessary.

The deadline to apply for the Conference Coordinator & Facilities Positions

****Do Not fill out the button at the bottom of this job description that says "Apply for this job" but print out the application following this job description.

Summer Employment

Housing/Facilities Coordinator APPLICATION


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Note: see job description regarding other employment.

On the back side of this page or on another piece of paper (please type or use computer):

1.         List former and present extracurricular activities indicating leadership roles, offices held, and honors received in college.


2.         List in chronological order your work experience to date, including part-time and summer positions.  List nature or type

           of  work.


3.         What experiences, skills, or talents have you that would benefit you as a conference coordinator?


4.         Why are you applying for this position?


5.         References: Two names of references from College staff, faculty, or recent employers (prefer people from the

           Whitman Community) should be listed.  Include name, phone number, and mailing address (if applicable).  Please

            do not use students as references.


I have read the job description and understand the responsibilities of the conference coordinator position for which I am applying.  If selected for a position, I am willing to accept those responsibilities and to work the entire work period.


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This application should be attached to the page with your answers to the questions listed above.  Please keep the copy of the job description and return the application to the Conferences & Events Office (Reid Campus Center Office) by 5:00p p.m. on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.  Questions?  Please contact Becky O'Connell, Reid Campus Center, Room 202, 527-5251 or