Sept. 25: Storyteller Olga Loya

Where: Olin 130

When: Tuesday, September 25, 7:00 PM



Olga Loya

Olga Loya is a Latina storyteller, performance artist, writer and teacher. She uses a dramatic mix of Spanish and English to share traditional tales from Latin America as well as stories from her own varied and colorful life growing up in East Los Angeles. Known nationally and described as an "alchemist" who can conjure up images and fill them with life, her shows are bursting with color and passion. Stories inspired by legend and current headlines, reality and dreams, ancient myths and personal experience, healing stories and tales of extraordinary women are shared with imagination and exuberance as Loya uses her voice, body and sometimes music and dance to draw her audience into the imaginative and surprising worlds of the tales she tells.

Loya has been a featured storyteller at many festivals including the Guadalajara, Mexico Festival and the Jonesborough National Storytelling Festival. She has performed and taught workshops at colleges, schools, libraries, conferences, festivals, museums and bookstores nationwide.

See some of her work here.

Matt Ozuna
Interim Director of the Intercultural Center
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