Showroom Hosts

Date: 08/02/2011 Office/Department: Admission
Starting Wage: Supervisor: Maranda Norton
Openings: No Department Head:

Showroom Hosts

The Campus Visit Program at Whitman College agrees to the following statements:

  1. The Office of Admission will provide a key to your room for the tour guide(s) to use during the one hour tour.
  2. Tour guides will be asked to knock three times before entering.
  3. Your room will be unlocked only while the visitors are viewing your room.  This should last no more than three to five minutes.
  4. Only the basic features of your room will be shown.  Visitors will be instructed to observe your room, but not touch your belongings.
  5. The tour guide will lock the room after it is shown.
  6. The Office of Admission will provide compensation to Showroom Hosts in the form of Bookstore money at the end of each semester.

The Showroom Host agrees to the following statements:

  1. You are welcome to be in your room during the campus tour, but you are not required to be present.
  2. Keep your room presentable and neat.
  3. Signage, advertisements or paraphernalia for substances such as alcohol, drugs or other illegal acts will not be visible to visitors.
  4. While it is unlikely that anything will occur, the Office of Admission is not liable for damage or stolen belongings.

Contact: Maranda Norton, Interim Campus Visit Coordinator,, 509-522-4423

Contact: Tillie Gottlieb, Admission Officer,, 509-527-5176