Date: 12/31/2012 Office/Department: Pioneer
Starting Wage: Supervisor: Pioneer Publisher
Openings: Yes Department Head:

This position is open. Please read through the job description below. If you would like to apply, use the link at the bottom of this page.


FALL 2012

Pioneer photographers provide companion artwork for articles and columns. They also have the opportunity to produce freestanding photographs for both the print edition and the website. Prior experience photographing for a publication is not necessary, and the ideal candidates will be creative, self-motivated and enthusiastic about photography. Photographers work closely with the Photography Editor to promote the effective use of visuals, and they must be able to effectively communicate with Pioneer staffers and their photographic subjects in order to uphold deadlines. Pioneer photographers cover both on-campus and community events, and they will be expected to complete 2-3 assignments per week.

Please email a word document with your responses to Applications accepted on a rolling basis; final deadline is midnight on Sunday, September 9, 2012.

Returning staff: Please fill out the contact/payroll information and answer the following question only: Why do you want to continue working for The Pioneer, and/or what is a goal you have for the coming semester? Please attach or link to your two best photos that have been published in The Pioneer.


Graduating year:

Phone number (cell preferred):

Email address:

 (These questions are for payroll purposes only and will not affect your application.)


In-state:          yes      no

Work-study    yes      no


  1. Please describe your experience as a photographer. Include the genres of photography you have tried (i.e. portraiture).


  1. What experience, if any, do you have working on a newspaper or similar publication?



  1. Describe your approach and process when covering a social event. How do you position yourself, and where do you believe the best photos come from? If you have not previously covered events for a newspaper or other publication, you may answer this question hypothetically.


  1. Is there a particular section of the newspaper you would prefer photographing?  If so, what can you bring to that section?


  1. What other activities will you be involved in this semester? How much time will you be able to devote weekly to The Pioneer?


Please attach 5-10 photographs that best display your work as a photographer. We recommend that you submit a link to an online portfolio of your work. Suggested hosting sites include:;;; and


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